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League Admin

This league admin page aims to provide a quick link to all the league information a club volunteer needs. If you are unable to find the information you need please ask your club contact, who will either have that information or will contact WACA on your behalf.

Scroll down on this page to find

A guide to the 3 websites maintained by WACA
A printable one page managers’ guide
A link to West Sussex Area Junior Cricket League fixtures on Play-Cricket.
Contact details for league managers
League Rules, when age groups play & sample pairs score sheets
How to file results on Play-Cricket
Forms for cancelling & rescheduling matches
Forms for withdrawing a team from the league.
The appeals process

WACA Websites

1) WACA Sussex is the West Area Cricket Association’s main website for anyone interested in West Area Cricket.
2) Club Link     is WACA’s  communication link with all the clubs and managers in the Sussex West Area. We refer this site as Club Link
3) Play-Cricket   for all fixture information – date, results, stats etc

All managers should subscribe to receive an email when post is published on the Club Link site. It is advised that all managers also subscribe to the main WACA site to receive information about what is happening in Cricket in Sussex and the West Area.

Manager’s Guide

A quick one page Managers Guide  to West Sussex Junior Cricket League (WSAJCL)

WSAJCL Fixtures

WSAJCL Fixtures, Results and Statistics are available on Play-Cricket

Manager Contact Detail

Managers details are held on each clubs Play-Cricket site under About Us then Officials. To find the manager for your opposition team from your Play-Cricket, Matches, Fixtures page, click on the opposition team name. You will be directed to the their club Play-Cricket site, click on About Us, then Officials and scroll down in the embedded window to find your manager.

Rules, when age groups play and Pairs Score sheets

Rules and days played for all WSAJCL games as well as sample score sheets for pairs games are available on the league page of our main waca site.  These documents are located on the main WACA site to encourage parental involvement.

Filing Results on Play-Cricket

Filing Results on Play-Cricket a guide to enable managers to manage Clubs/Team including how to find fixtures and upload a result

Cancelled & Rescheduled Games

WACA does not need to be notified of games rescheduled before 1st May. Agree the changes between the managers and the home team can update play-cricket.

On or after May 1st it is the responsibility of the cancelling manager to notify the opposition manager and to inform the committee.

  • Notification of Cancelled games – to be completed by the cancelling manager
  • Submitting a Rescheduled date   –  to be completed by the home manager/club

Withdrawing a Team from the League.

If you need to withdraw from the league please complete this form . WITHDRAWAL FORM

Appeals Process

Follow this  link for the Appeals page for information on the process including submittal times.



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