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County Feedback

Summary of Feedback from 2012 Sussex County Junior Squad Trials


  • Some good new seamers
  • Some good spinners
  • Some displaying very good batting techniques
  • An increase in county players from 3 areas

Areas for Improvement

There were a number of technical areas which many players need to work on:

  • Lack of step and swing – meaning very open shoulders when playing forward
  • Early movement onto front foot, guessing where ball is going to go, therefore not moving later to correct position
  • Not getting back and across behind the ball on the back foot when ball is on off stump, either with both feet, or not taking front foot over to join back foot, so players left very open
  • In set-up, batters standing too leg-side
  • Spin bowlers bowling too slow
  • Seamers – a lot of poor running styles in run up with ball carried with fingers on top of the ball resulting in bowling wrist and arm getting “locked out” – resulting in head falling to off side.
  • General standard of catching



SCB Community Coaches / Area Head Coaches remain very willing to spend time with club coaches at your club to discuss these technical areas in more detail as well as the standards required at Area and County level.

Keith Greenfield – SCCC Cricket Performance Manager
Tim Shutt – SCB Head of Recreational Cricket

February 2012

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