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Cancelled Games & Pairs

May 2, 2016

A quick clarification on what to do if a game is not played on the date listed on Play-Cricket

If a game is cancelled for any reason, complete the form on the League Admin web page     (Scroll down to the forms link)

Do not update play-cricket until a new date has been agreed or it has been agreed by the clubs not to play the game. If a game is updated as ‘Cancelled’ it will assign 5pt to each club and the game can no longer be edited.

More information on rescheduling games is on page of the WSAJCL rules available on the League Admin web page

There appears to be some confusion over the format or number or players that can participate in a pairs game.

The Rules state ‘U11, U12 & 13 matches are to be played between a min of 4 pairs & a max of 6 pairs.’     

The default position is that each team is made up of 8 players. A game can be played with 10 or 12 players providing the number of pairs are the same for both teams.

I will edit the rules to clarify the pairs format.


If there are any other areas of ambiguity please speak to your club’s junior admin/manager  who can contact WACA  if necessary.







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