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WSAJCL fixtures update

March 20, 2016

Dear Managers,

Unfortunately I placed a team in completely the wrong group – u11 instead of u13!!! Therefore the u13/u15 and the u11/14 fixtures need to be redone. We will do our best to get the complete set of fixtures online by EOD Tuesday.

Some age group fixtures  are online, but please do not start rescheduling until all the fixtures are added.

I will post again as soon as they are available.

Looking forward to next year, with a view to preventing these problems and spreading the workload, we are looking for 3 volunteers to assist in producing the fixtures.

Ideally we are looking for one person to be responsible for the fixtures on each set of playing days i.e. one person to generate the u11/u14 fixtures, one person for the u13/u15 fixtures etc. Please contact me if you are interested.

Many thanks to Richard Drake, Pagham CC who is helping to get the fixtures on to Play-Cricket this year.

.. Carmen


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