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Timeline for Moving Fixtures to Play-cricket

March 31, 2015

Dear Managers

All the fixtures are still available on CricHQ, if you need to make a change to a scheduled fixture please use the rescheduling form on the league admin page, I will make the change and email a confirmation to you.

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to move the fixtures to play-cricket immediately, with very few volunteers on the committee and the two week Easter holiday period affecting those involved.

Steve Feazey has offered to move the fixtures when he returns from leave next week, however it does need to be carried out in a controlled manner to avoid confusion.

When Steve is ready to start, I will email to let you know the fixtures on CricHQ are to be unpublished. I will then take a ‘snap shot’ of the fixtures. Steve can then manually copy from the spreadsheet onto play-cricket. We will post  here to let you know when the fixtures are available on play-cricket.

The emails I have received in the last few weeks illustrate that there is a misunderstanding about how we have ended up in this position. Steve Feazey is a SCB employee who is acting as the west area chairman. This set up creates situations where the line between whether a decision is a SCB decision, or a committee/area decision can be blurred.

The move to CricHQ was not brought to the committee to discuss. I was informed of the decision on March 2nd with an existing deadline to get the fixtures out as promised on March 16th. The rest of the committee and volunteers involved in getting the fixtures published were not informed.

I am not posting this to apportion blame, only to let you know why we are in this position and why it is not possible to immediately make the fixtures available on Play-Cricket.

The West Area Cricket Association was working extremely well with the offices of Chairman, Administrator and Treasurer being held by volunteers from clubs in the west area, who were professional and dedicated in their roles.  Despite months of notice, and multiple requests for volunteers from our area to step up to fulfil these crucial roles we did not have any volunteers for a  West Area Chairman, so we have an  acting chairman who needs to be able to fulfil his two very different roles – a difficult position for anyone to be.

Unfortunately without local involvement and a separation of the roles of SCB Cricket Development Manager and West Area Cricket Association Chairman issues like this are inevitable.

Regards, Carmen


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