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April 3, 2014

( From  Alan Smith, Head Coach, Western Warriors)

Hi as everyone is aware a new season is beginning and Warriors spring training is coming to an end.
I would like to thank all the Coaches Tim, Andy , Sean, Richard Chris , Mike and Kevin for the hard work , enthusiasm and input. The Committee Brian , Sally , Mandy and Carmen. Putting on Area cricket is a lot of hard work , every year this seems  to involve more and more time , organisation and pure hard work, nerves do get frayed.

For this coming Winter after discussions with parents,players and coaches  I have produced the following proposal.

Two weeks assessments for age group on Saturdays start of September. To assist with organising the Area in number of coaches and length of assessment and costs we will be stricter with the cut off dates .

A nine week programme
First three weeks
Thursdays 530 til 630 u9s
630 til 800 u14/15s
900 til 1030 u10s
1030 til 1200 u11s
1200 til 1330 u12s
1330 til 1500 u13s

The next three weeks will alter Saturdays only

With the first Saturday being batting only the second bowling only and the third a mixture of the two. Keepers will attend each session
These will involve three two hour session we will mix both age groups and abilities .
The Thursday session for the u14/15s will be replaced by a Area plus this will be Ex County players, players who played well in summer matches and players who have shown potential in the first three weeks training.

The final three weeks will return to the format of the first three .

Week 1 to 3 normal
Week 4 to 6 Masterclasses and Area plus
Week 7 to 9 normal

We can then add two extra Saturday to push to extra coaching to potential County players .
The costing for the Area plus will be extra and costs will be decided nearer September.
This programme is designed to prevent late night finishes, offer affordable technical coaching and finally to offer competition within the squads .

For the standard to improve our players will have to do drills at home and for this I am currently working with two parents and some children to produce, some try at home drills and links to You Tube to view clips of players who are expert at these skills.

We are hoping these will be placed on the WACA website via an app, for a preview please try and attend the Coaches evening at Arundel on the 16th.not of the app but a practical of some drills.

As far as costs go budgets will be produced but we will always try and give the best value for money however the hours allocated for Head  Coach are being reviewed over the last few years since doing this job I have far exceeded the hours allocated and not charged the Area a fee , this may go some way to explaining why our costs are so much cheaper . For example Spring  ( March April )training in the South and North is around ) £200 offering the same package.

I know that trying something new will produce  reactions some positive some negative. Hopefully by placing this notice on the website you can all see the reasons behind and as ever comments perhaps best directed at me are welcome.

I am confident the boys will have a successful and enjoyable summer.
All the very best and I am sure I will catch up with most of you over the summer
Take care


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