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2014 League Fixtures

March 2, 2014

Dear Managers

. As ever this is a completely manual task with lots of cutting and pasting to avoid pitch conflicts and maintaining the home/away match balance, so plenty of opportunity to lose a match somewhere!!! The fixtures have been checked and cross referenced but there is still the possibility of human error; please review your team and club fixtures to ensure I haven’t scheduled more than one game on your pitch at any time and that your team has a full set of games scheduled.

Notes about each league are included below.

Please use the comments section below to let me know of any issues.

This file is an interim document designed to provide an overview of the season before the games are entered on play-cricket. The dates on play-cricket will be considered the official schedule date.


2014 WSAJCL fixtures asof March 2nd  Excel 97-2003 version .xls


U9 Softball –  5 entries
Home and away league playing 8 games.
Unfortunately 8 games with 5 team takes 10 playing days so some games have been schedules on the same days as u10 softball.  There may be some conflict for Pagham and Chichester if one manager mangers both teams or the u10 team relies on some u9 players.  Could the mangers please review the schedule and get back to me.

U10 Softball – 9 teams
Teams will play an 8 game league instead of 7

U10 Softball/Hardball  – 4 teams
Home and away league playing 6 games each
The game to be play as  softball and hardball are marked on the spread sheet. For the players to progress from softball to hardball the softball matches need to be played before the hardball games! Please be aware of this if rescheduling is nesscessary.

U11 Shield  – 8 teams
Hardball Pairs
Each team will play 7 games

U11Bowl  – 7 teams
Teams have 6 games scheduled

U12 Shield  – 9 teams
Teams will play 8 games instead of 7  and with an odd number this takes 10 playing days
Games have been scheduled for the two bank holiday Mondays and Friday 20th June.

U12 Bowl – 8 teams
Teams have 7 games scheduled

U13 Shield – 6 teams
Teams will play 5 games  – 10 games is considered too many in a season with limited pitch availability  so a home and away league is not possible

U13 Bowl –  4 teams
Home and away league  – teams will play 6 games.

U14 Shield – 8 teams
Teams will play 7 games
12 teams were entered in the u14 shield and 3 in the Bowl. 4 teams were promoted to the bowl based on last seasons results.
Chippingdale, Broadwater, East Preston and Findon  were promoted

U14 Bowl – 7 Teams
Teams will play 6 games
One fixture couldn’t be assigned a date and maintain the home and away balance.
U14 Broadwater v East Preston – could the managers arrange a date for this game to be played. In order for the game to be added to play- cricket I will ask Matt to enter it for Friday 27th June. If a new date is not agreed by the end of April, Friday 27th June will become the scheduled date.

U15  – one league of 8 teams playing 7 games each.

U16 Shield – 6 teams playing 5 games each
U16 Bowl – 6 teams playing 5 games each


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