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Cancellation of League Fixtures. From the committee.

May 2, 2013

We have been informed this morning that nearly 20% of the fixtures for the weekend have been cancelled.
This is not acceptable.

Many clubs and managers have spent hours organising teams with parents making arrangements. Together with all the effort from the league secretary.
There will be many disappointed young players.

What is the reason, lack of organisation/commitment.

We are aware this Sunday 5th, does affect many area and county players.

One club even denies entering the league!

Apart from the weather, most other factors we can control.

We are all aware that re-scheduling can be very difficult, taking into account grounds, managers and adverse weather.

The committee will consider any requests to claim points from affected clubs, the match can be re scheduled but will not count towards the league.
An agreed cancellation between both clubs is perfectly acceptable as is a weather cancellation.

It is very much hoped that the desire to organise and play matches is the priority, rather than what players do I have available!

We will, over the winter discuss and make some recommendations regarding this matter. It is likely fines, as in Football will be considered.

Please do all you can to play the matches.

Thank you.
West Area Cricket Association


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